"What is Running" is an interactive toolbar for the Mac OS X

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New in Version 3.1.1 tooltip updates and the ability to hide and show selected applications.

WhatIsRunning is a toolbar for all Mac users, especially those with cluttered screens. It's not just a basic toolbar but a dynamic and interactive tool which allows you to perform a whole range of functions.
Features include:

* showing what applications are running on your desktop
* opening applications from the toolbar by clicking on the icon
* selecting which applications you want to have open between invocations
* showing what applications have been closed by you or closed unexpectedly
* removing closed applications from the toolbar
* saving the position of your toolbar between invocations
* resetting the position of your toolbar between invocations
* minimising all applications except the application you clicked on
* changing the size of the icons shown in the toolbar from small to large and back again.


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