User Guide

New in

The ability to show and hide apps, new button on menu, improved tooltips. Remember to click the Ext. Button

 Toggles selected apps so they are invisible or visible.


The toolbar can be set to normal mode or extended mode by clicking on the Ext. button.

Normal                    Extended

If you click on an application Icon, that application will launch. If you quit an application or the application quits unexpectedly, it will be displayed in grey showing it is no longer running. You can also stretch the toolbar vertically to fit your screen or screens.

In extended mode, you can do the following:

    Saves the applications you have selected in the checkbox when you restart the toolbar. Grey if no applications are saved, Green if one or more are saved.

 Clears all applications that are not running but are displayed in grey on the toolbar.

    Toggles between large and small icons show in the toolbar.

 Relocates toolbar to the top right of your main screen.

    Toggles between minimising all applications except the one you have clicked on the toolbar.

The menu bar reflects all the above actions except the save application feature.